Al  Masila Int’l Travel & Tourism is one of the companies of Al Masila Group (K.C.S.C)

It is one of the most modern and featured travel companies in Kuwait.

Offering a full range of tourism and leisure services including airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rental and insurance services. 

In response to the services of individuals, companies and government organizations from various sectors. 

The team is experienced, multi-lingual and highly efficient. It was built over years of experience, with the enthusiasm of the youth and the creative spirit. Their goal is to provide tourism services that meet the requirements of the customers and meet their desires with high precision and professionalism in line with the approved travel and tourism rules of the international organization.

To continue providing a wide range of services to our customers, we have established an excellent relationship with many international travel organizations, suppliers and government agencies around the world to meet the needs of each customer, so they can get the tourism services in easy and secure manner at the lowest cost.

Our staff is your travel advisor. Their mission is to answer all inquires; follow up on booking management, solving all problems you may encounter, as well as after sales service (Hotel reservation / Extension modification). 

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Characterized by the ability to reserve and secure the best and most competitive prices by keeping pace with everything new in the field travel & tourism field.

Experience in providing entertainment and luxury to individuals, businesses and ministries, to enable Our clients get tickets for over 700 airlines

Meet all the travel needs of our customers through excellent customer service around the clock, and satisfactory journeys in terms of speed and Cost, luxury and safety.

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